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Business Car Leasing Solutions

Posted by Conor Kelly on December 10, 2018
Conor Kelly


Discover the benefits of fleet management and the risks and opportunity cost of an unreliable fleet and managing this all inhouse.

In this article, we’ll talk you through some of the ways fleet management services can help upgrade your fleet from a problem to a plus-point. We’ll discuss how fleet management plays into business strategy, and how you can use your lessor’s expertise and resources to bring your fleet up to the highest standards. 


First off, why does effective fleet management services matter now more than ever?

Customers today expect lightning-fast, velvet-smooth deliveries and services. The likes of Amazon, ASOS and Tesco are setting the bar exceptionally high with next-day, same-day or even 1-hour deliveries, enabled by automated order processing, smart order picking and other advances in distribution tech. The same advances have led to heightened expectations of service response times in many industries beyond consumer packaged goods.    

Whether it’s products you’re delivering or a service, your customers probably expect a quicker order fulfilment cycle time today than in years gone by. Good fleet management can help meet that expectation by enabling better vehicle availability and route planning, and cutting down vehicle off-road time (VOR) resulting from avoidable breakdowns.

Getting this right has a measurable effect on reputation and revenue, as pleasing customers with efficient service tends to bring improvements in lifetime customer value and online feedback.

And it’s not just about the speed of fulfilment. Consumers also want on-demand info about their orders. According to a Salesforce.com study, 66% of millennial consumers now expect real-time responses and interactions from service reps, versus just 62% of baby boomers and traditionalists. So, we don’t just need to manage our fleets efficiently; we also need up-to-date information on fleet activities to feed back to customers.


How your lessor can help with business fleet management

Some big businesses have outstanding fleet management expertise and processes; others are still learning the ropes.

Regardless of where your firm lies on the spectrum, a good lessor can provide know-how and infrastructure to help you manage your fleet better. If we had to pick one thing about Sixt Leasing to tell the business world about, it would be that we do this exceptionally well.

Drawing on over a century’s experience in the automotive industry, and with 250,000 vehicles currently operating in over 105 countries, Sixt has significant insight into how business fleets work, and comprehensive fleet management infrastructure built on that understanding.

In practical terms, this means we can support our clients through fleet management services and consulting. Our specialist areas include:

  • Helping you choosing the right vehicles (at both individual-vehicle and fleet levels)
  • vehicle procurement
  • fleet maintenance
  • insurance claim management
  • breakdown management/vehicle recovery

These services can all decrease a fleet’s VOR time, leading to better service, increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, business growth.  


How online fleet data empowers decision-making and account management

Real-time fleet data is an indispensable enabler of up-to-scratch fleet management and customer support in 2018.

Sixt Leasing caters this need with FleetIntelligence©, an online reporting tool which gives one-click access to real-time information and KPIs on your individual contracts or entire fleet, whether you’re operating nationwide or internationally. The information available ranges from big-picture measures of your fleet’s capacity, to granular details like fuel and servicing costs for individual customers.

Immediate, secure access to fleet data online could help stakeholders throughout your organisation do a better job – from the exec who flags up a loss-creating fuel consumption pattern amongst deliveries to certain clients, to the customer service agent who is enabled to provide clients with timely, accurate info on their orders in-progress.


How important is fleet management?

Order fulfilment is now so critical to customer satisfaction that marketing theorists include it – under the label “Process” – in the mix of factors that can make or break a business, along with Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In other words, it’s fundamental.

Good fleet management is our best tool for getting this crucial factor right – whether you put your own systems in place, or you’re getting help from your lessor.

If you’d like a hand with decreasing your fleet’s VOR time, improving your fleet intelligence setup or making your fleet more reliable, get in touch on +353 1 419 8417. We’ll help you plan the best route forward.

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